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Monday, 10 August 2009

More people buying holiday homes in the UK

‘SALES to new customers buying holiday homes on our parks are currently 38% ahead compared to last year,’ say Haven.
‘Despite the credit crunch and so much economic doom and gloom we are selling more caravans to more couples and families than ever before. Sales figures at some of our parks, especially in Wales and Cornwall are showing an increase of more than 110% compared to 2008.’
Research conducted recently amongst new holiday home owners revealed that many of them simply wanted to make use of their money. ‘The money was sitting in the bank and not doing anything,’ said Mr Rorison, who bought a caravan at Haven’s Craig Tara holiday park in Ayr. ‘At least this way my family and I will get some enjoyment out of it. One of my friends had bought a caravan recently and invited me along to have a look. When I saw all that was on offer at the park I bought one too.’
With interest rates at an all time low the value of keeping money safely in the bank has never been less attractive.
Prices for a caravan holiday home on one of Haven’s parks start at around £14995 – and that includes the first years site fees and insurance. The average new purchase spend is around £18-19,000, with most people opting for a starter home to see if the ‘Owner’ lifestyle suits them. Opting to sub-let the caravan back to Haven during the season helps make it even more affordable although many new owners subsequently upgrade to more luxurious models - with top of the range holiday homes costing up to £70-80,000.
Mr and Mrs Davies recently bought a holiday home at Church Farm, less than 45 minutes drive from their own home in Worthing saying, ‘We were getting such a poor return on our money from the bank that we thought we’d buy a caravan instead.’ With his own chauffeur business and a lifetime of driving Mr Davies deliberately chose to buy close to their own home. He said, ‘I don’t want to drive all over the country to get the same as we have on own doorstep. I was very impressed with the site and we can use the caravan whenever we want.’
The Davies’ are not alone in choosing a holiday home so close to where they live. Most of Haven’s customers live less than 2 hours drive from their holiday home and some live even closer. Whilst initially this might be surprising, talking to new customers reveals some very sound reasons for buying so close to home.
‘Sometimes when we’re heading home from work we just turn left instead of right and go to the caravan instead,’ said one couple, ‘We’re really enjoying having a bolt hole by the sea.’ For others it’s almost an extension of their own home, using the extra facility to accommodate visiting friends and family, with the added benefits of all the facilities and entertainment on offer to keep their visitors amused.
One Owner from London said: ‘It means that if we fancy it we can just jump in the car and be at the park in just over an hour – we don’t have to plan or even pack. And with four children it will work out cheaper to have a holiday home than book family holidays overseas.’
In fact the research also revealed that many new customers had ‘just had enough’ of foreign holidays. Comments included ‘too much hassle’, ‘too expensive’, ‘the high value of the Euro’ and ‘by the time you’ve checked in, added on the flight and the inevitable delays it just takes too long’. ‘We’ve travelled a lot and been on lots of foreign holidays – but now we just want to stay closer to home’ was a common response, especially from more mature customers.
The idea that the ‘staycation’ has had its day is not borne out by Haven’s research. It would appear that people are re-discovering all that Britain has to offer – and realising that there are some very attractive holiday options much closer to home. So attractive in fact that they are shunning overseas holidays in favour of regular UK breaks in the comfort of their own home from home.
For more information about Haven’s 34 UK holiday parks and owning your own holiday home call 0871 230 1299 or visit www.havenholidayhomes.co.uk

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